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If you decide to unstake, it can take up to 3-4 days before you can claim your funds. Throughout this period, your MATIC will continue to earn staking rewards.


Before you start, ensure you have ANKR for the unstaking fee (500–3500 on average) and a small amount of ETH for the dynamic gas fee (approx. 0.0005).

Unstaking MATIC tokens is a multi-step process involving sending several transactions to the MATIC smart-contracts deployed in Ethereum.

Ankr Staking covers the gas fee cost and charges a small fee in ANKR.

MATIC tokens are transferred to your wallet automatically when the unstaking process completes. There is no additional cost for this.

Unstake MATIC

The following fees applied when unstaking:

  • ANKR fee.
  • Ethereum gas fee.
  1. Open Ankr Staking Dashboard.
  2. Locate the aMATICb/aMATICc box respectively and click the '-' icon to unstake.
  3. Enter the amount to unstake and click 'Unstake'.

You will need to make the following interactions in your wallet:

👍 Grant access to grant access to your wallet.

👍 Approve the ANKR fee transaction.

👍 Confirm the unstaking transaction.

Once transaction is confirmed, Ankr Staking Dashboard updates to show Unstaking in progress.

Withdrawal period is 80 epochs and more depending on the network congestion. Typically, it takes around 1–2 days to receive your MATIC. Following the withdrawal period, your MATIC balance updates in your wallet and the Ankr Staking dashboard automatically.