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Welcome to Ankr Build 👋

Ankr provides a distributed nodes infrastructure supporting a multi-chain network and providing tools for developers to start building Web3 projects. Ankr RPC Service is a major part of Ankr Build and contains various components depending on your Plan:

  1. Public Plan: Free and instant access to our range of Public RPC APIs.

  2. Premium Plan: Sign up to our Pay-as-you-go Premium Plan with a minimum deposit of 1000 ANKR and get access to powerful features.

  3. Ankr Scan: Ankr Scan is a multi-chain Explorer that allows viewing assets across chains as well as assigned to a specific wallet address.

  4. Node Services: Full, Archive, and Validator/Staking nodes are available for 50+ chains.


Ankr RPC Service is the gateway through which Web3 developers, projects, and protocols connect to the node infrastructure and development tools they need to build Web3 applications.

The evolution of Ankr Network includes our free, public RPC endpoints that developers have come to know and love, alongside new Premium and Enterprise plans packed with advanced developer tools — all powered by a globally distributed and decentralized network of nodes. In the new Ankr Network, developers pay-as-they-go for access to on-chain data, independent node providers serve blockchain requests to earn ANKR tokens, and stakers contribute ANKR tokens to full nodes to secure the network and share in the rewards.

Public RPCs are available to all and free to use on the Ankr RPC platform. Today, blockchain developers and projects can use these RPC endpoints to access Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Solana, Celo, Near, Fantom, Ethereum, and many other blockchain networks with no need to input user info or login credentials. Simply visit our RPC Services to start using these endpoints.

To access all the advanced features of Ankr RPC, developers can use Premium services with a flexible and affordable pay-as-you-go model denominated in ANKR tokens. Premium features include exclusive multi-chain RPC endpoints, prioritized requests, WebSockets, and Advanced Developer APIs that are designed to make Web3 development an easy task.

Ankr infrastructures

Public Plan

Public Plan is central to the Ankr vision of mass adoption in Web3 and crypto economy. Ankr's Public Plan provides a zero-cost and reliable access to RPC API endpoints for growing number of networks:

Check out the latest chains on Ankr RPC.

Get started using Public plan

  1. Go to Ankr RPC service.
  2. In Sidebar, click Endpoints to open the pane.
  3. In the list of blockchains, click the one you'd like to interact with.
  4. In the Blockchain opened, select a chain type (Mainnet/Testnet) needed for your project.
  5. On the Connection tab, in the URL block, copy the URL into your project's library or config file.

How it works

The Public Plan's services are being kept stable using a backbone of multiple underlying nodes globally distributed across 200 data centers as well as individual providers' homes.

Constant system monitoring ensures that RPC endpoints are synced in real-time to underlying nodes. Whilst, network traffic monitoring uses intelligent caching to optimize speed and automate routing to the best available node at busy times.

This architecture is built to meet the requirements for high availability and scalability.

Premium Plan

Premium Plan provides access to a range of exclusive features that allow you to build on a secure, reliable, ultra-fast multi-chain network. See more info on the Premium Plan's pricing and charging model.

Key features

  1. Unique collection of JSON-RPC API endpoints. Read more.
  2. Secure and private endpoints for HTTPS and WSS. Read more.
  3. On-request Hybrid Infrastructure functionality. Read more.


Premium Plan provides a set of secure and private RPC API endpoints exclusive to you. Those endpoints are designed to have greater reliability by interfacing with a fully distributed, ultra low latency node pool. This node network infrastructure is distinct from the Public Plan's one.

Enjoy the following benefits:

  • At times of network congestion, Premium Plan requests are prioritized.
  • Establish a durable, low-latency connection via the websocket endpoint and have data pushed incrementally directly to you as soon as it is available. This makes it ideal for real-time data analytics.

The WebSocket API limits the maximum number of simultaneous connections to provide protection against misuse, such as DDoS attacks, for example. If your Websocket client makes too many connections at the same time, you'll receive an Error message.

Check out How to connect to Premium websockets.