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ANKR tokens

What they are

  • The ANKR token is the native utility and governance token for the ANKR network.
  • ANKR tokens are used to pay for services within the Ankr ecosystem.
  • There is a limited supply of 10 billion tokens with approximately 27000 holders of ANKR tokens (as of July 2021).

Who are they for

ANKR tokens are for anyone interested in Web 3.0 and Ankr Projects.

Key benefits

  • ANKR tokens can be used to pay for Ankr services such as Premium Plan & API services.
  • ANKR tokens allow participation in on-chain governance.

Use cases

  • If you are a Provider of validator services on the Ankr network, staking ANKR tokens are required to act as an insurance for network participants. 2 ETH equivalent of ANKR tokens are needed to guarantee your services to the network.

  • Rewards for an Ankr funded node are paid out in ANKR to incentivize network participants.

  • ANKR tokens are a way to commit to the future progress of the Ankr Network. If you want to have a say in the network, ANKR holders can participate in governance and vote on upgrades and technical changes to the network.

ANKR market information

Check out Etherscan to find real-time data on ANKR tokens.