Vote for ankeETH on EigenLayer

Vote for ankrETH on EigneLayer

Today, you have a chance to support Ankr for the benefit of the staking community and your own.
We very much appreciate your participation!

EigenLayer has opened a contest for assets to be listed on their decentralized liquid staking protocol.

Ankr proposes to integrate ankrETH with EigenLayer.

This integration will allow ankrETH users to restake this Ankr’s LST within the EigenLayer ecosystem, which would benefit both Ankr's and EigenLayer's communities by increasing total restaked assets on EigenLayer and offering ankrETH users to enhance their rewards thanks to EigenLayer.

To learn more about the proposal, read it on jokerace.xyz (opens in a new tab).

How to vote on the proposal

To be able to vote on the proposal, you need to have been a holder of ankrETH on Oct 27, 2023.
If you meet this condition, you will see available votes right after you connect your wallet to the voting platform. You will also see 4 MNT airdropped to your address for gas fees on Mantle Network.

  1. Visit the EigenLayer's tweet about the contest (opens in a new tab).
  2. Choose a network to vote on.

    Don't try to vote on both Ethereum and Mantle networks! Only the first vote will count, the second will be discarded.
    As Ethereum gas fees are high, we recommend you vote on Mantle (opens in a new tab) (first link in the tweet).
    All addresses eligible for voting have been airdropped 4 MNT to save the gas fee costs.

  3. Click connect wallet in the top-right corner of the page.
  4. Choose your wallet and proceed to connect it. Remember that you need to connect an address where you had ankrETH specifically on Oct 27, 2023.
  5. Check the network on the page as well as in your wallet is Mantle, and you have available votes and are not past the voting deadline.
  6. Scroll down to the box "Proposal to Integrate ankrETH with EigenLayer" and click add votes.
  7. On the proposal page, scroll down to the voting block.
    Drag the slider to allocate votes, choose to vote for (upvote) or against (downvote), and click add votes.
  8. Wait till the "votes are deploying..." popup disappears and confirm the voting transaction in your wallet.
  9. After a few moments of transaction mining, you will see the "SUCCESS!" message.
    Thank you for voting! We appreciate your effort and will continue striving to be one of the leading Web3 companies that shape the future.